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See What Our Customers Say About Us

Bella Dordik of Waterford
"American Dry Cleaners Pick-up and Delivery has convenience and price that you could not match to any one else. The best thing is that you never have to leave your house or office; they will come straight to you and pick-up and deliver your clothes in great quality."

Igor and Rada Buksdorf of West Bloomfield
"My wife and I have been using pick-up and delivery services from American Dry cleaners for the past 3 years and have been very pleased. We believe it is very convenient when someone takes your clothes and brings it back to you whenever you wish, without you leaving your home. Our clothes always look like new when we get it back. The customer service staff is wonderful too."

Daniel Favin of Troy
"Being a very busy person and having to wear professional
apparel, I have no time to spare for dry cleaning. Using American Dry Cleaners Pick-up and Delivery services has made it very convenient for me. I never worry about going to the dry cleaners because they come to me."

Irene Sologub of West Bloomfield
"American Dry Cleaners Pick-up and Delivery Services has been very convenient for me. I am a mother of two and work full-time; I never tend to have time to go to the dry cleaners. Having Pick-up and Delivery services from American Dry Cleaners has made it very easy on my schedule. Their quality has set new standards for my dry-cleaning and the prices are very competitive. I have told my friends about ease of services, and some of them have switched over."

Peggy Blood of Farmington Hills
"I started using American Dry Cleaners services in 2004. I have set up my pickup schedule for one time every two weeks from my house. For the past year, I have never had to file a complaint about their services. I told American Dry Cleaners the days convenient for my pick-up and delivery, which are Friday evening or Saturday any time. The first few months I used their service, I requested for pick-up when I was available in person. Now that they gained my trust I leave the orders right at my porch. They always call me prior to coming out, that way I can have my clothes ready for them. "

Citizen Bank of Troy
"Our company enjoys working with American Dry Cleaners and using their services. It seems very convenient for our employee not to spend time from their busy schedule. We are scheduled for their service two times a week, Monday and Thursday. So far there have been no complaints received from our employees regarding their dry-cleaning and alterations services. Clothes are always delivered on time we are satisfied with the overall quality. "

Greek Village Apartments of Troy
"Our property management is very positive about using American Dry Cleaners services for their buildings. Every day we get new residents to sign up for American Dry Cleaners services. Our residents have found this service very convenient, and it works best for us, giving our residents the extra edge in their rental experience."

Anna Marie Foster of Troy
"My husband and I have been using American Dry Cleaners services for the past 3 years. We do not have a particular day scheduled for the clothing pick-up, we simply call and schedule for pick-up when it is necessary for us. This company saves us a lot of time and money and their management team tries to accommodate us in any way possible. At certain times we also needed a rush service; 24-hour turnaround service was provided at no extra charge."

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