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We Offer many dry cleaning and alterations services for Oakland County residents in the State of Michigan. If you are interested in our services, please see the "How Does It Work" section at the bottom of this page.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority; we include a testimonials section including the latest comments from our customers. Please send us any issues/comments regarding your experiences with American Dry Cleaners.

1. Free pick-up and delivery service
American Dry Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery for your laundry and Dry-cleaning services. We will pick-up your clothes from either your house or office location, saving time from your busy schedule.

2. Dry cleaning service
Your clothes will be cleaned and pressed in our high quality facilities. Dry cleaning extends the life of your garments, making them softer and more comfortable to wear.

3. Platinum shirt service
American Dry Cleaners will provide excellent soil remover from cuffs and collars without shrinking your shirts. Missing buttons will be replaced at no charge. For your convenience we can fold and box your shirts.

4. Expert Alterations service
American Dry Cleaners offers professional alterations or repair services of any garments at highest quality.

5. Drapery Service
Your drapes will be cleaned, pleated and end up looking like new.

6. Bridal gown preservation service
American Dry Cleaners specializes in Bridal gowns and will pay a lot of attention for pre-spot, cleaning, pressing and preservation of these garments. We guarantee that your Bridal gown will look like it has never been worn before.

7. Suede and Leather cleaning service
American Dry Cleaners provides high quality suede and leather cleaning services.

8. Table cloth/Bedding cleaning service
We provide cleaning of any table cloths, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, comforters, bed spreads, etc.

9. Flood damage restoration service
We provide high quality restoration services for garments damaged by water.

How Does It Work?

1. Place your order
You can place your order by either calling our friendly customer support line (248) 396-3135, or clicking on the order tab, registering and placing the order online. If you are placing the order online for the first time, we will contact you to confirm your information and discuss our billing procedures before scheduling a pickup.

2. Leave your order on your porch for pickup.
If this is your first order, we will arrange to deliver a high quality nylon bag, for your convenience. Our customer service representative will provide you with an identification/preferences card, that will include your Name, address and laundry preferences (starch, box/hanger) which will be permanently attached to the supplied nylon bag.

3. Pickup/Cleaning
We will pickup the order at your door, process clean and press your dry cleaning. Perform the requested alterations and inspect your garments for stains and missing buttons. We request that you let us know of any special attention items (stains or missing buttons), knowing what the stain was caused by will allow us to completely remove it.

4. Delivery
We will deliver your order as arranged in order placement, either leaving it at your front door, back door or handing it directly to you.

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